IIn its nearly 600-year existence, The Hague Tower has seen conquerors come and go. She served as a watchtower, as a protector of the city and has acquired a place of its own in The Hague history over the years. A history that we would like to share.

The students can ask the guide anything about the Tower and lose some energy in climbing the 288 steps to the top. In addition to the history of the city and tower, the students can also see the clocks and hear the bells. Once upstairs, everyone can enjoy the sea, the skyline of The Hague and even Rotterdam from the balcony.

We can offer you a guided tour for € 75.00. This is a special price for primary and secondary schools. A group can consist of no more than of 15 students because of safety regulations. We do require at least 1 supervisor per group. Of course it is possible for several groups to climb the Hague Tower, maximum of three groups at the same time. The tour lasts approximately one hour.